Hello, and welcome to my small site of cels. I only own a few, for now..lol. I hope to expand, slowly though I am cheap. If you have any cels on my wishlist please email me, maybe something can be worked out. Thanks for looking. If you have anything to say, including questions about trading or selling<--I would rather trade, but maybe. Email me at Frog800000@aol.com. THANKS!

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4/29/2004Well, the animate GIF is still under construction, but not to leave you guys hanging, I uploaded a new genga set and a new douga and all of the sketches to my SSj2 Gohan Kamehameha set to tide you over till I get the GIF working ^_~.
4/28/2004Okay, I updated an animated gif of my SSj2 Gohan Kamehameha genga set. It takes a little while to load, but it is worth it ^_^. Also, I am over 10,000 hits!!! Thanks for looking everyone!!
4/1/2004Hello-All, I moved a few of my old cel into the graveyard =(. I also updated with an AWESOME Tapion cel from Movie 13. I also unprotected some of my Evangelion settie...I totally forgot I had them protected! Enjoy...
3/21/2004Okay, I updated two AWESOME cels, check out the Inuyasha and Yu Yu Hakusho sections!!!

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American Pride (4) 2/13/2004
Dragonball Z (3) 4/1/2004
Genga and Douga (11) 4/29/2004
Graveyard (26) 3/21/2004
Inuyasha (1) 3/21/2004
My Art (4) 4/12/2004
Settie (8) 2/1/2004

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